March 4th, 2018


As life goes on, situations and priorities change.

I created this website in college as a way to keep my web development skills sharp, as well as to share some of my projects with the world. I wrote all of the code from scratch, and as you can imagine, this became very difficult to maintain once I got caught up in the demands of the real world.

Since the security of this old, unmaintained code can't be guaranteed, I have decided to pull it down from the public Internet. I will be working on restoring it piece by piece as I deem it safe to do so, but until then, this short letter is the best I can do.

While we're on the subject of changing priorities, I decided to sell my Eclipse in May of 2017. It was an incredibly difficult decision, but after nearly 13 years of ownership, it was simply time to move on. To commemorate my time with it, I encourage you to watch the video produced by Don Ford Productions that chronicles the build and shares some of the untold stories.

In the interim, let's keep in touch on social media. Here's couple of the sites I still use:

Until next time,